Quitting is Hard. Switching to Electronic Cigarette is Easy!

Be smoke free in just 3 days while enjoying everything you love about smoking

The Best Life™ e-cig works by warming flavored food-grade liquid and producing great tasting vapor that contains small amount of clean nicotine. It does not burn tobacco, that’s why it does not produce toxins, tar and second-hand smoke. Satisfaction, pleasure and enjoyment of "smoking" is the same but it is without all the risks associated with burning tobacco.

Smoke Free 3-day Plan
Alternate your smoking sessions:
Day 1: Alternate between smoking 2 regular cigs and 1 e-cig
Day 2: Alternate between 1 regular cig and 1 e-cig
Day 3: Alternate between 2 e-cigs and 1 regular cig
Day 4: Smoke only Best Life e-cig

This plan allows your body to gently ease in into using the e-cig. The transition will be absolutely natural and you’ll enjoy it. After about 2 weeks on e-cig you’ll start noticing the benefit of being smoke free. You’ll also notice that the Best Life e-cigs taste better than regular cigs, and that’s why you will not go back to smoking regular cigs.

Best Life Electronic Cigarette

Enjoy Guilt-Free Pleasure in Every Puff

Electronic cigarettes are taking the world by storm. Why do thousands of people switch to Best Life e-cigs and never go back?

  • Rich Satisfying Taste
  • Smoke Anywhere
  • Feel More Energy
  • Save Money
  • No Tar, No Ash, No Mess
  • No Bad Smell
  • No Second-Hand Smoke
  • No Fire Hazard
How does an electronic cigarette work? Read More

Enjoy everything you love about smoking without the bad

With Best Life electronic cigarette, you get rich taste and the same satisfaction of a regular cigarette without all the risks.

Change to rich taste, clean nicotine, and pure enjoyment

  • Real enjoyment without thousands of toxic chemicals
  • Pleasure anywhere – with friends or on your own
  • Feel more energetic and better about life
  • No burning tobacco means no tar, ashes or carbon monoxide
  • No more smelly breath and clothes
  • No more second-hand smoke others shun
  • Save money with every puff
  • Amazing flavors tobacco just can't match

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Four rich flavors. Pleasure in every puff.

Incredibly tasting flavors
Perfect throat hit
Excellent vapor production
Smooth Tobacco

blend of the finest tobaccos

Refreshing Menthol

cool pleasure puff after puff

Delicious Pina-Colada

refreshing and delightful

Rich Coffee

enjoy the taste of real coffee

It's your life. Live it!

You can still enjoy everything you love about smoking without the risks.
So, give yourself the pure enjoyment and peace of mind that comes with Best Life.
The people you love will be really happy, and your friends will think you're cool.

Choose Best Life™ ecig. Rich Taste That Satisfies

  • Rich satisfying taste!
  • Excellent vapor production
  • No tar or carbon monoxide
  • 1 cartridge = 250+ Puffs
  • Incredibly easy to use
  • High quality product
  • Love it or your money back
  • 1 year warranty
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